This game is gonna be awesome!!

Um... I have started working on Azure Village for now (it's that village with houses and the floating platform and all). The dialogs are all ok, there are still some bugs with music taking some time to start to play, but that is because the game is hosted on a website and there are files being downloaded. The final game, will be only avaiable for Android, (probably iOS too), and Desktop.

Well... On the last mini-update, I created a sign saying that this is only Early Acess, and that the game is being developed, and all that. Right now, I am trying to make this city look as beautiful as possible!
I also added some platforms on Azure Village, that are going to hold houses. The Language system is fully functional, (a sign on Azure Village only reads in english, but it's on purpose) but you can not change your language yet, because we didn't decided HOW you'll do that!

On the next daily mini-update, you'll hear some new musics. The OST #3 - Horn and Feather will play during that fight you have with Dimmo before Azure Village (Dimmo is the name of that green-horned-angry-chicken-thing). Doesn't the name make sense?

Hm.. and if you find a bug, please report. Sometimes there are bugs that we can't find here, even with lots of testing and walking trough the same level over and over...

Our goal, is too finish the game 'til October 31st, but we'll probably need some extra time to release the game extra-polished and extra-tested.

That's it for now. Have a nice day ❤.

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