Graphics Overhaul!


Um... so I updated the platform graphics, using a lot of Antialiasing and Dithering...

Look at this cute platforms.

Also, there is now a room for Lilo's House... No event is working yet... Because the cutscenes take time to be drawn perfectly (I.. didn't even start yet...). But there is a bookshelf, a carpet and his mother on a couch.

Of couse it's not done. Some more furniture and decoration will do for a lovely cozy house.

Lilo got a new look. The menu has a little dreamy shader. Things on distance are now unfocused (a little bit blurred) and have more opacity. The camera smooth interpolation is 50% slower!

The font is now antialiased, not block like it has always been.

Lilo is different too!

 Lilo new



And last but not least, Lilo now have a beautiful dust particle when groundpounding. Yeah, It seems small, but I'll gona be using a lot more particles on next builds.

Now. There are some bugs, I now, like the collision for the bridges, the fact that you don't appear at the door on your house when you exit your house. But we're obviously going to fix those. Btw, any suggestions, criticism, feedback, donations, support; you can do those things right here on


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Oct 03, 2018

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