The developer has not uploaded a amazing game yet...

[The game is Eᴀʀʟʏ Aᴄᴇss, what means that there is a giant lack of content on the game right now. But you can follow us, to see how the game develops 😉]

NOTE: If you found this game hard. Well... you haven't seen anything yet!

On this 2d pixelart adventure game that is being actively developed by us, Bitwin Entertainment, you will face the challenge of crossing many "kingdoms" in order to gather specific ingredients so you can make a potion to save your mother from the green disease. The worlds are: The Sky (your own), The Overworld, The Underwater, and The Underground. However, it seems like there are some people that are trying to get this ingredients for their own plans. But you can't give up, you need to save your mother.

Lilo the Racoon

Lɪʟᴏ, The protagonist. He is not just cute, but also very strong.

Lilo's Mother

Lɪʟᴏ's Mother on her couch. Her name is Evangeline.

We're trying our best to release this game up to October, 31ˢᵗ of this year (2018), but life likes to trick us so it may or may not be finished until there.
Feel free to leave your feedback and or donations. We'd appreciate a lot!
The finished game will be around US$2. (Soo cheeaaap).

Development log