Lighting and Controls Update PART1

I improved lighting! Visit Azure Village, Lilo's house, or Echo Cave! Press K+Home when on a level to warp right to Azure Village (Testing purposes)

Um, and for testing purposes I have added a debug system! Check it out below.

Now, I am implementing Gamepad control! Will be completely working on the next update.
I particularly tested with a Playstation 4 controller so I'll refer to its buttons!

Left analog -> Walk
X -> Interact
Circle -> Jump
Square -> Groundpound
DPAD -> Move on menus
Right Shoulder Button ("K", on desktop) -> Cheat code Key
OPTIONS -> Pause.

DEBUG COMMANDS (Hold Cheat code Key):
D-pad UP /  Home -> Load Map "Azure Village"
D-pad Left / PgUp -> Save State
D-pad Right / PgDn -> Load State
D-pad Down / End -> Load Menu


Release 0.7 12 MB
Oct 07, 2018

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