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Blue — Tʜᴇ Sᴋʏʟɪɴɢs

Explore the world, trough Lilo's eyes, and join him on his quest to save his mother. · By Bitwin Entertainment


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Lighting and Controls Update PART1
I improved lighting! Visit Azure Village, Lilo's house, or Echo Cave! Press K+Home when on a level to warp right to Azure Village (Testing purposes) Um, and for...
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Graphics Overhaul!
YAY! Um... so I updated the platform graphics, using a lot of Antialiasing and Dithering... Look at this cute platforms. Also, there is now a room for Lilo's Ho...
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09-21 More Houses Added!
I added more houses. If you go now, to Azure Village, you'll se a two-floor building with a litte guy (Nut). And a green house with tentacles, watering the plan...
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This game is gonna be awesome!!
Um... I have started working on Azure Village for now (it's that village with houses and the floating platform and all). The dialogs are all ok, there are still...